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I am, Where I’m From: My Socioautobiography
Cosme Ramos
SOCS185 W5 Socioautobiography

Who am I? Born in a small island, raised in over populated city, now living on the opposite corner of the nation, traveled all over the world, seen cultures and places most only dream off. How where my morals, views, and opinions shaped by my surroundings as child, and how have they changed as I matured? What influenced those changes? These are just a few of questions I look to explore as I write my Socioautobiography.

I am, Where I’m From: My Socioautobiography
My name is Cosme Ramos, Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico on the 31st January 1976. Parents are both Puerto Ricans (which in reality means mixed, Indian, Black African, and European). Not until third grade did we migrate to the United States, in search of opportunities and a more stable future. Being of a Hispanic decent made family a very important role, thus it was my primary group the only thing that was constant throughout or moves first from Puerto Rico to New York, and eventually to New Jersey where my immediate family still resides to this day. As a kid the change was drastic, life in Puerto Rico was more of the rural type, big yards, vegetation everywhere, smiling faces and friendly people. In the states, things were a bit different, now we co-inhabited with family we barely knew, in a small condo like apartment with no yard, and the only vegetation we would get to see is that on the highway mediums culture shock does not even begin explain the disorientation felt as a kid under those circumstances. Not to mention the language barrier that was by far the biggest hurdle. If it wasn’t for the strong bond and close knit Hispanic community the adjustments would have been ten times harder. Within months we were settled in Newark, N.J. parents had good luck found stable jobs enrolled in school now my biggest focus was that of going from a straight “A’s” student, to not even speaking the language. I had 6...
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