Self Evaluation for Managers

Topics: Feedback, Management, Leadership Pages: 4 (1132 words) Published: March 3, 2013
What is self-awareness?
My own understand of self-awareness is that, I can’t develop myself without knowing myself. Self –awareness leads to self-development because it provides room for improvement by showing strengths and weaknesses in oneself. Avolio & Gardner (2005) claim that self-awareness is an important process where the emerging leader, characterized by his or her unique talents, strengths, sense of purpose, core values, beliefs and desires, comes into his or her own. It is an integral process that produces an important yet often overlooked type of knowledge that is key to effective leader ship – self-knowledge. What is self-awareness a future manager?

I want to gain insight of myself so I would be able to welcome change myself by acknowledging my strength and weaknesses. I want to understand myself as much as possible because according to Reg Revans “principle of insufficient mandate” those unable to change themselves cannot change what goes on around them. Self-awareness it is a continual process which leads to self-development. To understand the process of transformation to the extent that one is able to help others through it, leaders require self-awareness to enable them to evaluate continuous improvement in their capabilities and competencies, both within themselves and their subordinates (Delmhorst, 2006). What is self-development?

It is a continual process that starts from a question, how well I know myself. The greater extend you know yourself the better you would be able to manage yourself and others. One can only develop himself if he digs deep to find what needed to be change. Is continues self-development important for manager?

The nature of work is continuously changing. These days, for instance, work is increasingly done in process teams; jobs are organized around projects, not functions; new technologies must be integrated in the organization; and performance standards are becoming more complex and demanding (Ilgen &...
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