Self–Efficacy Moderates the Relationship Between Job Stress and Burnout

Topics: Employment, Stress, Self-efficacy Pages: 18 (4833 words) Published: April 29, 2011


The purpose of this research is to determine that self efficacy helps in reducing job stress and help to avoid/reduce burnout phase or not. As the world has become a global village and the competition in the market has drastically increased, so employer require from his employs that they perform at their optimal level in order to remain or sustains in the market or gain competitive advantage. In today’s work life employs face many different challenges due to increase in competition and has to perform many different roles, which eventually cause stress to the employs and their prolong stress usually leads to burnout phase which is an extreme condition to an employee. As today’s employer need maximum performance out of their employs so they want their employees to remain motivate and passionate about their work. According to Schwarzer (1999) self-efficacy plays a vital role in affecting people’s perception, feeling, and actions and people who are low in self-efficacy are more toward depression and these people are mostly pessimist in their thoughts. So at present employer want their employees to be high in self-efficacy and have that self-believe to achieve the desired targets and goals so they can confidently contribute toward organizational success.

For our research we gathered data from about 200 employees, in which there were 143 males and 57 females from whom we gathered are research data. We take our sample from different organization in Lahore (Pakistan) as it is more convenient to us. We choose organizations like Berger, Silk bank, PCB, software house, production house, and Different universities professors and government irrigation department all of the employees were highly professional and have minimum of 5 years of experience in their professions.

Are results were highly significant and by are research we come to conclusion that the self- efficacy doesn’t moderates between job stress and burnout even we separately regress each burnout dimension but our construct self-efficacy is unable to moderate this relation so we recommend researcher to see other psychological capital variables as moderator such as hope, luck , etc. And in independent variable there is need to see other variables such as role conflict, interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict, family conflict, job conflict.

As this issue require serious attention regarding improving employs performance while eliminating negativity in employs like job stress and burnout which affects employs performance badly so in future this model need attention to study its aspect broadly and deeply in many different circumstances and with different variables combinations.



The[pic] purposes [pic]of the[pic] research [pic]is to[pic] examine that how self efficacy reduces the job stress and help to avoid burnout phase. Work life balance is an essential and integral element for every individual, if that would be absent human's life would be disturbed and stress and depression would occur that directly affect the efficiency and effectiveness of an employee. How job stress leads to job burnout and affect employee's performance that will eventually lead to hamper the organization performance. Job stress is the product of many things that are created at work place i.e. taking no vacations, role conflicts, interpersonal conflicts, work load, peer group conflicts etc. Job stress can be caused due to undesired activity, process or event. Consequently, all these activities directly shrink the employee's performance. Early signs and symptoms of job stress are job dissatisfaction, headache, low moral, changing attitude towards job, low commitment and lack of empowerment etc. At the present scenario, world becomes a global village that accelerate the competition between industry. Organization...
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