Self-Control Theory

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  • Published: December 12, 2011
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Self-control Theory of Crime Evaluation

Self-control Theory of Crime Evaluation
Marilyn A. Vazquez
CJA/540 Criminological Theories
University of Phoenix
Angela Williams
October 24, 2011

Crime consists of behavior patterns, the environment, and the economy of the world. Researchers tend to use theories to answers questions concerning these behaviors. For example such questions involve why people commit crimes, what type of people commit crimes, and a host of other questions. The topic of this paper consists of two types of theories. The topics discussed and compared involve the conflict theory and the social control theory. In addition, the comparison will display the theory that does a better job of addressing the occurrence of crime in contemporary American society. Included is an evaluation of the effects of positive and negative reinforcement on crime in both theoretical frames and information to support the research.

Self-control Theory
The conflict theory
Two or more persons who disagree relate to conflict. For example, one individual of a team wish to lead the team because of prior leadership. The other candidate also wishes to lead the team because of favoritism. This is one prime example of conflict. Another involvement of conflict consists of a clash between an individual work schedule and the hours the employer expects from the employee. Last, conflict deals with struggle. For example, two criminals committing a crime one is more violent than the other. Both have strong intentions to commit the crime, however, only one want to commit murder. The other criminal struggles to proceed as scheduled because murdering goes against the plan. Conflict is a word that causes most people a degree of discomfort, anger, frustration, sadness, and pain (Team Building Inc, 2010).Karl Marx conflict theory involves struggle as well. The struggle consists of two major groups. These groups involve the higher level of persons such as the rich...
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