Use of the Conflict Theory

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Use of the Conflict Theory
Stephanie Rose
Introduction to Sociology
Prof. Ruffner
February 7, 2013

Conflict Theory looks at what can happen, when one group or institution revolts against another and the leaders that make the rules and/or laws. This theory touches on many different areas of life, such as, race, gender, ethnicity, and religion. Conflict theory is the wealthy versus the poor in most situations. It’s the haves and the have not’s. For equality to exist there needs to be some level of conflict. For equality to exist, everyone needs to have their opinions heard. One cannot always follow along. We are not all the same, humans are very diverse. We all come in different races, nationalities, shapes, and sizes. One must take into consideration that people have different levels of intelligence and experience. “Karl Marx (1818–1883) argued that it is tension and conflict that motivate us to think and act differently. Conflict theory assumes that the institutions and interactions within society foster inequality and competition, and when they are challenged, then beneficial social change can result” (Vissing, 2011). When conflict is used many different ideas are born and the possibility of a better solution may present itself. One could look on the conflict theory as a negotiation. Conflict theory is about what is fair and just, whereas, life is about how much you have along with other elements, such as, race, gender, and nationalities etc. One example of inequality and conflict could be a waiter or waitress that is paid below minimum wage and the patrons of the restaurant are expected to leave a generous tip. It is like the employees are self-employed, and the patron has not only paid a big amount for their meal, they now have to pay extra for the employee’s work to make up for the lack of wages, and the owner is getting away with cheap labor and collecting on the profits. If enough people would speak out against this and...
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