Self Belief

Topics: Meaning of life, Adam Warren, 2010 albums Pages: 4 (1042 words) Published: December 9, 2010

‘Success is not governed by colour, creed, age or orientation: Success does not discriminate nor does it know boundaries. It does however depend upon dreams, persistence and self-belief. The moment you lose confidence in yourself, failure will follow’

1.Each of us, irrespective of means or circumstance, strives for some aspect of greatness in our lives. Each of us is a genius in some aspect of our existence. There are things I can do brilliantly, which others cannot. Similarly, there are things which others can do that I can’t. These are the things which drive us to greatness and empower all aspects of our world.

2.Unfortunately we often lose our way due to stress, outward pressures, distractions, reduced finances and a host of other impacting issues we allow to permeate our lives and derail us. Each of us has a true purpose in life: Many of us continue from the cradle to the grave without realising just what it is. Others still, have a perfect vision in their minds of just what it is they are destined to achieve and exactly what it will take to get to that special place.

3.‘Never be afraid of what you might achieve. Instead, be more afraid of what you might not’

4.As children, we’re often told by those who should know better, that we’re not tall enough; smart enough; creative or good looking enough to do anything special with our lives. Often it’s a well intentioned parent, sibling, friend, neighbour or complete stranger who negatively impacts our psyche and sets us on a path to nowhere.

5.This can continue through our teenage, youth and young adult years to such an extent we actually believe the venom of others and adopt the negativity as our own. It impacts our lives and overshadows every aspect of our development.

6.Very often, those who bombard us with this negativity are endeavouring to shield us from disappointment (they have encountered) by imposing their values on us....
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