Self Awareness

Topics: Want, Morality, Full-time Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Self-awareness is an asset in everyday life -- one in which is something that is not necessarily developed, because it is always there, but rather found within ourselves. The ability to be self-aware, especially in the CYC field is something that I work towards finding little by little, day by day. According to Shebib (2011), “becoming alert and knowledgeable about personal ways of thinking, acting and feeling.” This assignment has helped me broaden my understanding of how I think and how feel; take that and use it to not only be a better person, but a great professional. Without having developed self-awareness of my own needs, feelings, behaviours and thoughts I will not be able to be a competent counsellor (Shebib, 2011). Beginning with my social location, then going further answering such questions as why do I want to be a CYC? Why did I choose to be a CYC? and an in depth look on what values, attributes and strengths I have that able me to be a better person has required me to discover aspects of myself that I once thought did not exist.

Growing up in the country with my two younger brothers, my mother and father raised us. I am a white, 20 year-old women now living in Toronto for the first time. I am a full-time student attending Humber College, while working a part-time job as a waitress at a local pub. I am in a heterosexual common-law relationship. I, along with the past six generations was born and raised in Canada -- with my race being caucasian. I am the first person on the Pickard side of the family to attend University. I belong to the United Church and and from a middle-class family.

I began my post-secondary career in Ottawa at Carleton University taking an Undergrad in Arts majoring in law. For two years I did this without satisfaction and decided it was time for a change. During this time I was struggling with depression so I took a break to decide what was best for me. This process was taunting, taking much longer than I thought. Through...
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