Own Self Concepts

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Own Self Concepts
SPC 2300 – 12

Own Self Concepts
1. Define one change you would like to make in yourself. It might be a behavior or anything about yourself that you would like to alter. * I would like to change one of my behaviors about myself. The worst quality about me is that I am always late no matter what the case may be. I am not late on purpose, but it seems like something always puts me behind schedule. It drives both my family and friends crazy. They have learned when I say I will be there in thirty minutes, to expect me in about an hour. This is a behavior of mine that I need to work on immediately. 2. Write a specific goal for making the change, being sure your goal is realistic and fair. Use affirming, motivational language in your goal. For example, “I will show my best friends that I am paying attention when they talk to me.” * This is something about myself I have needed to change for a long time. It is not something I do intentionally to drive my family and friends crazy. I need to become a little more time oriented, so that I can be where I say I am going to be, at a certain time. I will show my family and friends that I can be on time to their events. My first goal is to sit down with a calendar, and write down already known events and times. This way I will not schedule more than one event at a time. Next, by having a planner, I can add any new events that occur in future. I will be able to check available dates and make sure I have nothing already planned. Lastly, by sticking to my schedule and planning ahead it should reduce the amount of time I am late. I know I always have to expect the unexpected, but at least I have control over the already known about. 3. Observe or think of others who are models for what you want to be. Write down what they do. For example, “Tracy nods a lot and repeats back what others say so they know she is listening.” * A model person for me to observe and take tips from would be my...
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