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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Semra Çelik
Organizational Behaviour
March 28, 2013
Everybody has both positive and negative personality traits but we all are looking for positive traits in every parts of our life. For example, in business life we make interviews and surveys to choose the suitable one for the job or the position. Nonetheless, it is not easy to evaluate personality traits of individuals since every single individual differs from one another. However, it is possible to have general idea about some of their personalities aspects. Defining personality traits of us is much more harder than defining personality traits of other people. Everyone evolves by his or her personality, values, interest and skills, which make them unique. It seems easy to tell about ourselves but when we are up to write a report about it, it gets harder to explain. In this point personality test inventories, our friends or family members definitions about our characters can be lifesaver to achieve this aim. My positive attributes can be listed as generous, compromise, trustworthy, decent, altruist, modest, cooperated and punctual. In my opinion, giving gifts to others gives us peace because it makes people happy and sometimes it may help to recover relationship therefore I generally buy or make gifts for my friends and family members. Moreover, I enjoy helping people who are in need. It is the most painful thing for me to stay silent and not to do anything while someone in need help. I guess my religion’s and family’s values gave shape to this attribute. I seem to be introverted, calm and silent towards stranger however, when it comes to my friends and family I am quite outgoing. I do enjoy making fun with them. It gives me a lot pleasure to be around of them. I believe that cooperation makes our relations stronger for that reason even in small work at home should be done in cooperation. On the other hand, my negative attributes are not being well-planned, uncontrolled...