Selection Process of Marketing Manager

Topics: Marketing, Employment contract, Pricing Pages: 24 (3817 words) Published: January 4, 2012


Prepared for: Mr. Fahad Hassan, Lecturer of HRM

Prepared by:

Naveed Zulfiqar mbaf6-83
Sadiq Ayaz mbaf6-119
Hafiz Tajammul Hussain mbaf6-29
Shahid Mehmood mbaf6-95
Fasih Ullah Khan Suri mbaf6-20
Waqas Manzur mbaf6-74



This piece of work is dedicated to
My parent & teachers
Who deliberately pray for me
Day and Night


Up and above every thing, all praise goes to ALMIGHTY ALLAH. We are grateful to ALMIGHTY ALLAH, the Beneficent the Merciful, for encouraging me to complete this work successfully.

We are extremely thankful to my respected Sir. Fahad Hassan for his great teaching during the whole semester. He is a well-versed man, an excellent teacher, and research oriented person. I learnt a lot from his behavior towards the project. I express my thanks to The Head of Department of Management Sciences (CIIT Lahore), because of his selfless and tireless efforts providing me all the facilities we needed throughout the study.

We also pray for my parent who is supporting me in all means during my study period.

Naveed Zulfiqar & Other Members
MBA Batch 7
2nd Semester

Table of Contents

|Proposal for the HR Project | | | |5 | |Introduction/Background |5 | |Project Goals and Objectives |6 | |Project Plan: Tasks, Methods, Timelines |6 | |Project Outcomes and Timeline |7 | |Conclusions |7 | |Job Analysis |8 | |Job Advertisement |10 | |Resume received |11 | |Selection Test |12 | | |17 | |Test Marks List | | |Job Interview Letter |18 | | Interview Analysis Form |19 | | Final Score |20 | | Letter of Appointment |21 |

Proposal for the HR Project

Problem Statement

The purpose of this proposal is to outline the need for a project that analyzes the selection process of marketing manager in an organization. In response to the Mr. Fahad Hassan to analyze selection process of marketing manager, this project will seek to answer the following questions:

• What are the Job Description and Job Specification Marketing Manager? • What are the steps and sources required in the job advertisement? • What are the steps and sources required in the selection test? • What are the...
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