Selection Method and Job Performance

Topics: Statistics, Value, Psychology Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Selection Method and Job Performance

HRM 301
Assignment 4-3

By use of the original five programmers the correlation value was strong but due to the high p-value the information would not likely be supported in hiring new people due to the validity. Without valid results from a test the test should not be used in during the selection process of new employees. It is very important that the design of a selection process is handled carefully and accurately to ensure that the company is able to obtain the best candidate pool possible for the job. After adding the additional programmers to the linear regression the new r-value is 0.752622656 or just .75 when rounding to the nearest hundredth which shows a strong relationship. The p-value is now 0.050902 which is significantly lower than before. The new correlation (.75^2=) is .5625 which to me indicates a stronger correlation than the previous data. The p value is 0.050902 which tells me that this data is a lot more reliable than the previous and could be used in the future. I would use this test in the future because it shows validity but it’s use would be cautioned since the size of the initial population was so low. Seeing that there is a relatively strong correlation between job performance and cognitive ability we could assume that there is probable validity in the cognitive ability as a predictor of job performance. This evidence will help the organization decide whether or not to incorporate the use of cognitive ability into the selection process for future job applicants. Since both the original population size and the second population size were significantly small we may need to use caution in the future depending on what we are seeking. If the normal population for this position is relative to the population size in the testing we can assume that the information is valid and usable. However, if we used a small sample population (5-7 people) when the normal population size for the position is...
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