Sega & Nintendo 5 Forces

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Five Forces Analysis of the Computer Games Industry(NINTENDO)

As explained by porter the five forces framework helps to identify the sources of competition in an industry/sector –(the competitive environment)


Since console manufacturers suggest retail prices over entire countries or regions, individual customers have no bargaining power. Software purchased for one console cannot be played on other consoles so switching costs are high; if an individual wants to play a particular game, he or she is usually locked into the console that plays it. Relatively few games were produced for the larger demographic of "casual gamers".


Suppliers are companies which make hardware and games for the consoles. Nintendo and Sega designs some of the hardware components for its consoles, but manufacturing and assembly are often outsourced, and many components are purchased "off the shelf" from large companies. This keeps costs higher than competitors like Sony and creates a threat of forward integration by parts suppliers, who could potentially manufacture their own consoles. Switching costs are also high, as Nintendo software is made to be compatible with technologies supplied by the outside companies. The situation is different for software. Nintendo and Sega did much of the game development for its consoles, though most of its games are made for a fairly young audience. It also licenses a software development kit (SDK) to outside game developers. In a manner, these firms are Nintendo's customers. Firms which have made successful games in the past will probably have some bargaining power in this transaction, since Nintendo is interested in keeping their services for future game development (as will be discussed below, games are an essential complement for game consoles). Overall, Nintendo's SDK tends to be priced lower and have better support than similar packages offered by competitors.

Threat of new entrants

The console market has a...
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