Security and Privacy in Workplace

Topics: Internet, Privacy, Computer security Pages: 17 (5923 words) Published: March 21, 2013
1.0 Introduction
Whalen and Gates (2010), define monitoring differently in their article. They define it as a method and procedure of examining the workers in an organization and study their constant events intended to guarantee that together the protection of employees and requirements of the employer are met. Nearly all companies nowadays take videos of their employees, they read their emails and monitor their Web surfing. This can be done surreptitiously and some organizations are honest about it Chan et al. (2005). Privacy is one of the most important things that are immensely fitting to be something of the past. In general companies are permitted to observe employee activities by the courts. Private companies have been setting rules in situations when employees are taken into service for instance contracts that affirm that they will be monitoring employees’ use of the Internet or any company tools (Chieh and Kleiner, 2003). Efforts have been made in arrangement for laws that protect business and the employees, regrettably most current court cases have been deceiving evidence in the eyes of the magistrates thus confidentiality or privacy laws have been unsuccessful for employees. It has been recommended that government, big firms and industries and health care systems should have the capability to tape and study workers activities as it is a benefit to research and development for several years. Most legislation is the same opinion that laws should be set in place even though the breach of human rights forbid them from approaching the issue to a law level (Welebir and Kleiner, 2005). Sadly, comprehensible defenses of privacy opposed to security may never be evident from the view point of the law. Employers’ main apprehension is the decrease in productivity, virus attacks/ damaged equipment (i.e. computers), legal charges and loss of classifies data. Employees’ major worry is incursion of their privacy, mistreatment of control and precision in their work. A survey conducted in the year 2000, is that sixty two percent of the employees use Internet resources once a day for their private reasons and twenty percent of them use it for at least ten times. This is why employer is at unease because a large number of workers are using company property for their own use and not for the business purposes. According to Watson (2002) sopports the idea that productivity is what most companies are concerned about such that if employees use them for their own private uses it will negatively affect productivity. It is compulsory for them to put regulations and policies that will help them monitor employees and their activities during working hours. Some of the main things that companies use are telephone monitoring particularly when personal calls are made, electronic surveillance, drug testing and verification of emails sent externally for private reasons. Reasons why companies make use of policies is for the reason of a decrease in productivity , sensitive material which arise from unpleasant email usage, workplace accidents caused by prohibited drug use, employees bitterness over monitoring of computers and sexual harassment complaints prompted by dating among workmates.

2.0 Research Objectives
R01. To identify if security and privacy actions affect things like productivity in the workplace/organization R02. To state some of the security and privacy actions that some companies are implementing in the workplace R03. To analyze whether organizations nowadays are focusing more on prioritizing their security initiatives thus undermining their employees and their personal lives R04. To evaluate if companies are using the right tools, technologies and methods to maintain good quality security and privacy within their organization 3.0 Research Questions

RQ1. What do organizations hope to achieve by implementing security in their companies? RQ2. What effect does security and privacy actions have on productivity in the...
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