Warning: This Is a Rights-Free Workplace

Topics: Employment, Law, Privacy Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The article states about the economic factor in America. It sensitizes on the justice the workers in America should be given. The article talks about how the workers in America are treated with injustice. This is shown well when the article starts by, "If the laws of economics were enforced as strictly as the laws of physics, America would be a workers' paradise." Visit the article in this link: http://www.barbaraehrenreich.com/workersrights.htm.

Employee Rights in the Workplace
The idea of employee rights involves many complex issues. An employee’s right to a workplace free of discrimination and harmful environmental factors is obvious. Yet, other issues surrounding privacy, personal expression, and communication monitoring are not as clear-cut. While employees may feel that they have the right to express their opinions and use business communications while working, not only may they be fooling themselves but they are acting in a way that is unethical. While businesses do not have the right to control employee behaviors outside of the workplace, they do have the right to monitor and control communications and employee actions during paid time. As such, employees have the right to reasonable expectations in terms of communication, yet cannot (within limits) ethically demand a right to privacy, private communication, or personal expression while they are utilizing business property or on business time. Workplace privacy has been a hot issue in the last decade, as more and more workplaces incorporate email and Internet-use into the office environment. Many employees now use email and the Internet daily, not to mention the telephone (Nord, McCubbins, & Nord, 2006). With high volumes of communicatio

employee privacy rights in the workplace
Often the issues regarding privacy rights in the workplace focuses on employee rights to privacy in the workplace . Most advocacies support employee rights and criticize the efforts of companies to...
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