Sector Wise Gdp of Bangladesh & World Countries

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Assignment # 01 CONTRIBUTION OF AGRICULTURE, INDUSTRIES AND SERVICE SECTORTO GDP IN BANGLADESH FROM LATE 1950 TO TILL NOW Prepared For: Prof. M.Z. Mamun Course Instructor: Operation ManagementPerpared by:Shamima NasrinID No. 092051058MBA Program University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, (ULAB) October 23, 2009 Th e gros s dom es t i c p rod u ct ( GDP ) o r gros s dom es t i c i nc om e ( GD I) i s a ba s i cmeasure of a country's overall economic performance. It is the market value of allfinal goods and services made within the borders of a country in a year. It is oftenpositively correlated with thestandard of living. In t h e na m e "G ro ss Dom es t i c Product”, "Gross" means that GDP measures production regardless of the varioususes to which that production can be put. "Domestic" means that GDP measuresproduction that takes place within the country's borders.Bangladesh is a based on agriculture country because majority percent people arefarmer. A brief discussion of Bangladesh economy may help us to understand itsGDP. Economy of Bangladesh is composed of three main sectors 1. Agriculture, 2.Industry, 3. Service.Agriculture sector includes crops, forestry, livestock & fisheries. Main agricul turefood products are cereals, pulses, gur/sugar, milk, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, oiletc. Major industrial crops are tea, jute, tobacco etc. Total cultivable area was 2.26core areas in the survey of 1983-84, which decreased to 1.64 core areas in 1995-96. There are three categories of industries of industry in Bangladesh- Large ScaleIndustries, Medium Scale Industries & Small Cottage Industries.Major industries are referred in the following—1. Fo od , B ev e r a ge & T ob a c c o.2 .T ex t i l e, A pp a re l a nd l e a t h er .3 .W oo d 7 w oo d pr od uc t s. 4.P ap e r, P a p er p ro du ct s.5 .C h em i c al s an d C hem i c al pr odu ct 6. No n - m et a l l i c Mi n er al p ro du ct s.7 . B asi c Me t a l i ndu s t ri es. 8. F a br i c a t ed M et al p ro du ct s ....
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