National Agricultural Policy of Bangladesh

Topics: Agriculture, Irrigation, Agricultural economics Pages: 46 (10885 words) Published: April 21, 2012

Agriculture is an important sector of the economy of Bangladesh and one of the main drivers of economic growth. In order to ensure food security, the present government is committed to achieve self sufficiency in food by 2013 through increased production. The contribution of this sector to GDP stood at 20.49 percent in FY 2008-09. According to the revised estimate of BBS, the overall contribution of the broad agriculture sector at constant price is 20.24 percent of GDP in FY 2009-10. Though the direct contribution of the agriculture sector has decreased slightly, its indirect contribution to the overall growth of GDP is significant. The growth of broad service sector, particularly the growth of wholesale and retail trade, hotel and restaurants, transport and communication sector is strongly supported by the agriculture sector. Besides, about 43.6 percent of the total labour forces of the country are engaged in agriculture sector (MES, 2009, BBS). In the current fiscal year (FY 2009-10), Bangladesh earned US$ 687.53 million by exporting agricultural products which is 4.24 percent of total export earnings (US$16,204.65 million). In addition to the exports of main agricultural commodities such as, raw jute, jute goods, tea, frozen foods, the Government has taken steps to increase exports of non-traditional agricultural commodities. Within the broad agriculture sector in FY 2009-10, the contribution of agriculture and forestry and fisheries are estimated at 15.75 percent and 4.49 percent respectively (revised estimate of BBS). In FY 2008-09, the contribution of these two sectors stood at 15.91 percent and 4.58 percent respectively. According to the revised estimate of GDP by BBS for FY 2009-10, the contribution of the three subsectors namely crops and vegetables, livestock and forestry are 11.34 percent, 2.66 percent and 1.74 percent respectively.

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