Sectarianism in Pakistan

Topics: Islam, Sectarianism, Sect Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: February 8, 2011
Sectarianism has deteriorated peace of Pakistan and caused hatred in people for each other. Now people of different sects are loosing respect for one another. Careful study reveals that sectarianism has narrowed vision of people. Once they are obsessed with a religious ideology they are not only unwilling to change their ideas but the dilemma is this that they consider it their right to censure other school of thoughts publicly. I am confused to understand that some religious scholars who were supposed to be the preacher of Islam but they are severely damaging religious harmony and brotherhood of Islam. Sometimes their speeches are so bigotry and sectarian as they seem real opponents of Muslim unity. Careful analysis reveals it’s a nuisance which is shattering Umah’s strength in general and Pakistan’s unity as a nation in particular. Now it’s time for government to take stern action against such extremist scholars. Media can be used to as awareness tool for public to view how sectarianism is injected in them which ultimately deteriorates peace of the society. Moderate scholars can serve Umah by harmonizing them. Religion is a sensitive issue no one is ready to put aside his ideology. Being moderate isn’t mean to shun religion it’s simply a realization of respecting others ideas whether you agree or disagree. Its matter of giving space to others which is everybody’s right. Only broadening of mind can overcome such menace. Ultimately it should be public to reject such people who want to dismantle brotherhood. Yes we will have to vow that we belong to all sects but to no one because we are Muslim. Please don’t create hatred in us let us live in peace and harmony and atmosphere of love.
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