Secret Service

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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The United States secret a service, a federal agency created and founded in 1865. This agency was a branch that rooted from the U.S treasury department for a specific mission. In the 1860’s counterfeiting U.S dollars was becoming an epidemic spreading nationwide and hitting harder then ever. The treasury department took it hands on to combat the counterfeiting of U.S currency and this became the new beginning and task for a new born federal agency called the secret service. The secret service was nothing as we know of today until the assassination of the 25th president William McKinley in buffalo, New York in 1901. The secret service was now added the second mission which was to now serve and protect the presidents and vice presidents of the United States and any other worldwide leaders who visited the states. The first mission of fighting against counterfeit dollars had now evolved to investigating crimes against the financial infrastructure of the United States of America. As the task of the service had increased so had the wide spread terror against the country and its leaders. The secret service is in charge of protecting not just the president but the next runner up to the presidency and their spouses. The secret service also protects any event or personnel that are assigned by the president or the secretary of homeland security. The secret service even at the federal level calls upon the state, local, and military enforcements to help insure the secret services job to protect is done. The tactics and knowledge offered by these other agencies are needed to keep and maintain the president or any of the protectees in a safe environment or implement any safety measures . In 1965 the United States congress authorized the secret service to serve and protect any former president and their spouse for a lifetime after leaving office unless this protection was declined. In 1977 congress alternated this legislative decision to change the protection service to a limit...