Security Services Typologies

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Security Services Typologies
Out of all the Security agencies that were researched, the two that have been chosen was Pinkerton Security and the Federal Burial of Investigations (FBI) which is a part of Homeland Security. Starting with Pinkerton Security they would be classified as a Level IV because they can deal with a vast majority of situations that occur in their client areas. Their personnel can be deployed wherever they are needed in a short time and have a very clear governing intervention and enforcement powers. “Pinkerton Counseling and investigations has a very deep knowledge in the core investigation areas such as Fraud and Financial Investigations, TSCM (de-bugging), Electronic Discovery, and Workplace Violence Protection.” They also provide support, resources, and provide their expertise to smaller agencies. The second Security Agency chosen was the FBI, a subdivision of Homeland Security; because they have personnel around the globe and with a total of 35,394 employees they “currently have jurisdictions over violations of more than 200 categories of federal law.” Their National Security Priorities are Terrorism, both International and Domestic, and investigating for weapons of mass destruction. They are also involved in areas of Counterintelligence, and Cyber Crime. Their Criminal Priorities include Public Corruption, Civil Rights, Organized Crime, White-collar Crime, and Violent Crime and Major Thefts. Because they have employees throughout the United States and the world they can be deployed at a moments notice and can investigate and handle anything thrown their way. Because of this they are classified as a Level IV Security Service.

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