Secret Life of Bees

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Kathe Navarro
Paula Nelson
The Secret Life of Bees

Lily Owens, who is the main character of The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd, is a courageous girl who overcomes many challenges throughout the novel. For one thing, when she is curious, she is determined to do anything. Another example is she is not afraid to twist up the truth for her needs. Lastly, Lily performs heroic acts throughout the story. Throughout the novel, Lily Owens demonstrates the meaning of courage.

Lily Owens lives with her father T.Ray, who has always been abusive towards her. Then one day, she finally decides to run away to find out the truth about her deceased mother, Deborah. Determined to find out the truth, Lily and her housekeeper Rosaleen, hitchhikes to a town called Tiburon in South Carolina. Using only a picture of a black Madonna from her mother's belongings, they come across the honey maker's house. There, they are accepted by the Boatwright sisters. After a while, curiosity hits Lily and she decides to call T.Ray. He answers but does nothing but yell at her and tells her she is in big trouble. The call reassures Lily that she made the right decision to run away.

When Lily and Rosaleen first arrive to the Boatwright sister's house, Lily makes up a false story to explain their needs. Although she knew it was wrong, Lily keeps up with the lie that Rosaleen and her travelled to Tiburon to meet her aunt. "She doesn't have any family but me, so we decided to go up to Virginia to find my aunt. Except we don't have any money, so if you have any work for us to do while we're here, maybe we could earn a little before heading on"(pg 74), explains Lily to August. Throughout the book, August Boatwright, who is the oldest and the owner of the house, shows no sign of knowing the truth about Lily. However, when Lily finally admits the truth at the end of the novel, August explains to her that she knew from the very beginning who she was. Furthermore, August...
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