Topics: Mosquito, Fruit, Mortar and pestle Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: March 17, 2013
I. Title
The Feasibility of Chili and Kamias as Mosquito Killer

II. Rationale

The title has been selected for the study because mosquito bites are common here in the Philippines and it’s the cause of dengue. A total of 54,659 dengue cases were reported nationwide from January 1 to August 14, 2010, much higher than the recorded 31,248 cases in the same period in 2009 and there’s not much difference in dengue cases from 2010 and as of now. The main purpose for this is to test the effectiveness of Chili and Kamias as mosquito killer and as an alternative way to make pesticide. And the effects of the ingredients to the environment and the people around it. This study can also be used as a source for the people who want to use our ingredients and procedures in making their own mosquito killer. And to provide security and comfort to the people in their homes from mosquitoes.

III. Review of related literature

According to the researchers research about chili and kamias it was only used as additive. Long ago chili was used only as spices because of its taste. Then, it was discovered as a good mosquito killer because of its pesticidal property. While kamias was also used in food spices before. Then, it was discovered by Battistelli in 1939 that it contains astringent, stomachic, refrigerant and antiscorbutic. Some of the researchers now are having kamias as wine but in this study the researcher wants to test the properties of the kamias fruit together with the chili.

IV. Materials

5-10 pieces of kamias fruit
10-15 pieces of chili
mortar and pestle
gas stove

V. Procedure

The researchers gather the required materials.

1. pulverized the kamias and chili and
2. get the mashed fruits.
3. Then, boiled the kamias for 5 minutes
4. then the chili for 5 minutes...
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