Secondhand Smoke Lung Cancer

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Lung cancer
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I. Introduction

II. What are the causes of lung cancer?
A. Smoking
B. Family history of lung cancer
1. Does secondhand smoke affects one’s health?
III. What are the different types of lung cancer?
A. Non-small cell lung cancer
B. Small cell lung cancer
1. How is it categorized?
IV. Who will be at higher risk men or women?
A. Is there any difference between sexes when cancer occurred? V. What are some symptoms of lung cancer?
A. Weight lost
VI. What are the different types of treatment/
A. Surgery
B. Chemotherapy
C. Radiation therapy
D. Targeted drug therapy
1. What are the side effects?
Vll. Conclusion: Lung cancer is the deadliest form of cancer among both men And women, with the proper treatment many people can live a longer and And healthier life.

Lung cancer is a complex disease that indiscriminately chooses its hosts and will Complicate the lives of the people it infects. Although lung cancer accounts Only for 15% of newly diagnosed cancer in the United States, it is the leading cause In cancer death in the U.S.

Lung cancer is responsible for the most cancer deaths in both men and women Throughout the world. The incidence of lung cancer is strongly correlated with cigarette Smoking. With 90% of lung cancers arising as a result of tobacco used the risk of lung Cancer increases with the number of cigarettes smoked over time. As I research I found That being around a smoker sharing a house or even working with a smoker can have a 24% increase in risk for developing lung cancer when compared to non-smokers. I also found that lung cancer is more likely to occur in both smoking and non-smoking Relatives of those who have lung cancer than in the general population increasing there Percentage 15%...
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