Second Morroccan Crisis

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Second Moroccan crisis- Brief
Morocco was important to Germany and France, it was
-Close to Europe
-Great for Trade
-This meant expansion in wealth
-This meant expansion in Empire
Britain does not want Germany to attain Morocco for the main assumption that they want to build a navy base there that would threaten the British. After the first crisis where Britain and France had been able to convince the German’s too back off. A rebellion against the Sultan started and France offered to give their assistance Germany were fuming, even though to the innocent eyes of the sultan he was being assisted to the Germans and the French this was just once step closer of gaining the trust of Morocco and taking them over completely. The French Foreign Legion was at Morocco. But this wasn’t the only reason why Germany were in a silent outrage in 1910, France made a huge loan to Morocco and took valuable control of the costums and taxes. France were ordered to stop the rebellion and realised Germany would suss them out, so offered to compensate with 100.000 000 square miles of the France Congo (worthless swamp and Jungle). Kaiser Wilhelm (leader of Germany at the time) sent a Gunboat to Morocco it was obvious that he was daring France to make one false move but the legal reason was he was saving a Germans who were stranded in Morocco, (even though there was only one German on the south, where main Morocco wasn’t). France are furious and all companies are prepared for war, Britain step in and
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