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Recommendation Report


This report investigate about a health product called Sebamed liquid face & body wash and Johnson's pH 5.5 2 in 1 Body Wash with Moisturizers, which are aim to provide healthy skin to people. Moreover, it is recommended that the product could be sold in Mannings, because of the trend with chasing a quality and healthy life in Hong Kong.

In this report, our information is mainly referenced by magazine, newspaper, our nutrition notes and health Product Company’s website. During our investigation, we discovered that Hong Kong have many people are suffering by sensitive skin and allergies, especially eczema. For this reason, the purpose of this report is to recommend one health product which could take care of this group of people with special needs.

Recommendation Report


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Recommendation Report


According to the report which released by the World Health Organization, there are twenty percent people in worldwide suffer from allergies, the number is quite shock, and such diseases are very common. In Hong Kong, there are 30.7 per cent people suffering from eczema, according to the WHO statistics from 2000 to 2001. Moreover, here is a survey of 1,103 families, which was done by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies. It can show us the common health problems of children who under the age of three.


It shows that eczema is the most common skins problem to child.

The aim of this proposal is to promote a daily product that could satisfy and relieve the discomfort of people who suffering eczema or sensitive skin. The following is a recommendation report which is analysis the different brands of body washes.

Recommendation Report


There is no denying that Hong Kong is having air pollution problem and the weather is always stay damp. Citizens in Hong Kong easily suffer from eczema or sensitive skin. Therefore, they hope to find a product that can direct against the problem. In view of this, our selection criteria include function, convenient of usage, price and company’s image. It used to let people feel that this product is more effectively than others.


The first criterion, the ability of the product’s function, this is the most important factor to affect the customer’s choice. The main point is to coordinate with different requirements of people especially for them who have sensitive skin. They can use it both on face and body to wash. The product is formulated with mild wash active ingredients. It is particularly indicated for the cleansing of sensitive and problematic. It contains some vitamins, allantoin and pentavitin that the skin should need more, such as biotin and pyridoxine. Also, the pH value, 5.5, is the best of people’s skin. It strengthens and stabilizes the ecological balance of skin’s acid mantle promoting its barrier function and resistance to harmful environmental influence. In addition, this has soap-alkali-free. It is more suitable for sensitive people.

Convenient of usage

The second criterion, the convenient is the other important factors could affect competitiveness of the product. The usage of the product is recommended to be more user friendly and multi-function, such as suitable for different skin problems. It would be better if it is a 2 in 1 or even 3 in 1 product.


The third criterion is price. This is a secondary consideration to us. Even thought it could affect the customer’s choice immediately, we are aim to the consumers who would not considerate about this product price, but focus on the products...
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