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BUSN105 – Introduction to Business


Heather J. Williams
AIU Online
01 November 2011

I work for the largest Sears Holding Company in the United States. This is an honor to be a part of something so big where I can make a difference. We will be looking at three different environments and how it affects Sears and the profits of the store. I will also explain the elaborate management system that is the backbone of our store that makes it run smoothly and efficiently as possible. I am proud to be part of a company that stands behind their employees and wants the best for them. We all work together to make this store a success.

The organization that will be discussed is Sears Holding Corporation (SHC). It is important to me to learn about this company because I am employed there as a salesperson. I have been with the company for three years. I would like to move up through the ranks to become a regional manager. Once that is obtainable I would like to further my career with this company to become a vice president or CEO of this company. In order for me to make this an obtainable goal, it would be helpful for me to learn every aspect of the company and how it works. I know the customer service part of the company now I need to learn the behind the scenes policies and procedures of the company. Basic Legal Environment

Sears has a set of laws that are enforced by outside companies. Sears is required to provide a safe work place for all employees (Words of Wisdom, 2011); the company is guaranteeing that all individuals they hire all have the same chances to work for the company (Words of Wisdom, 2011); SHC must follow all written and verbal contracts, if they agree to the contract they must enforce it (Words of Wisdom, 2011). This means that the basic legal environment that SHC must follow certain rules and regulations for their employees to not be discriminated against. Sears must not do anything unethical or illegal to their employees or venders where they can be sued or have a law suit filed against them. Social Environment

The social environment of Sears Holding Corporation is how they relate with their customers and the location in which they are catering to (Words of Wisdom, 2011). Sears has a rather well social environment. This week SHC celebrated their 125 birthday. This means that they have been around for long time with great customer service. So for generations this company has been serving all different ethnicities and different social classes. This means that it is basically a one stop shop for anything you may need for your repairs, lawn, fitness, electronics, appliances, clothing, jewelry, home fashions, shoes, mattresses and window treatments. So the target of people that we service is great. Since the company has been around for decades it is a name that people grow up with. Multiple generations come to the store for a wonderful shopping experience. Economic Environment

Sears economic environment is how many people they employ, how much they can start their employees’ wages at, if they have a productive year then they have more money allotted for the next year on that day for scheduling employees, also can give employees bonuses and added incentives to keep productive. Depending on the economy will let the company know if they need to downsize on spending for products or buy more products for selling. The Management Structure

Sears Holding Corporation has an extensive management team. There are the owners, board of directors, regional managers, district managers, store managers, operational managers, HR managers, assistant store managers ASMs), and leads. Our store has one regional manager (Ann Hand) that covers all the stores in the southwest region, then there is the district manager (Jan Stalling) that out of that region covers all the...
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