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If you love what you do and do what you love; every man would find his life a joyful encounter and thus would agree to what Helen Hayes says, ‘if we rest, we rust’. Everyone has an ‘Eros’, a life-wish as they say, which fuels us to unveil the magnificent canvas of our dreams. If Mr. Ram Chandran, a top notch management adviser, whose daily planner inflects that he has appointment even when he is airborne with the person seated next to him, did even think that he needed rest, he would have to wait for a five good years! As his calendar entries are occupied till then. When asked for his stress and mental strength levels due to his busy schedule all that he advised to the young generation was that if you don’t have time to get bored, you pretty much don’t been need rest ! If we have a planned schedule for today and tomorrow, why should there ever be a need where in our minds say ‘Enough for the day, I am loosing it all, I think i need rest’. I wish to see myself teaching at one of the finest universities across the globe, and in order that i achieve what i have visualized, an equal amount of hard work and perseverance is required. If you are an ‘employee’ you take leaves to take ‘rest’, but when you are working for none but yourself you are the ‘employer’ and employees and self- believers believe in one common inner will which says, ‘if it takes madness to reach, where you want , be mad!’ Our mind is considered to be one of the most dynamic substances existing today! To let it rest would be to subject it to the vulnerabilities, which not only will affect our professional lives, but also our inner strengths and abilities! Things have their value, when they are best put to use! Things have been their value, when they are constantly being demanded for! And it holds true even for one body. Then be it for the attainment of luxurious professional lives or satisfying one’s soul, a constant up gradation, an undeniable change, a relentless dynamism is critical

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