Sean Bell Incident

Topics: Police, Sean Bell shooting incident, Nightlife legislation of the United States Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Sean Elijah Bell

Sean Elijah Bell an African-American boy born on May 18, 1983 in Jamiaca, Queens New York .As a teenager he studied acting in Flushing Queens . Then became a baseball pitcher for John Adams High School. He lived in a modest home in Queens and was the middle child. Son of William Bell , a mechanic and Valerie Bell, an investigator. His parents were married 29 years . He also was the nephew of a current University of Missouri basketball couch, named Frank Haith. Bell had a high school sweetheart who was wife to be , Nicole Paultre Bell. They had 2 beautiful daughters , named Jordan and Jada. '' In describing Sean he was doing the right thing by marrying Nicole”.

And he was going to become married to her until November , 26 2006. A night that changed her life . A shooting that occurred at Club Kalua where he was holding a bachelor party in the Jamaica section of Queens. A Strip club where was already being investigated by undercover cops due to rumors of the owners fostering prostitution. Police surveillance inside and outside the building. This was on November 26, 2006 around 4 am according to witnesses Sean Bell got into an argument with a man outside the club and allegedly someone at the scene was heard saying” yo get my gun”! Fearing a shooting might occur , a plain clothed officer by the name of Gescard, Isnora followed the men to their car while calling for backup . Bell and his two friends , Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman headed around the block to Bell's Nissan Altima. So Sean Bell then pulls out of the parking lot , an unidentified man approaches Bell's car with a gun drawn. Detective Isnora , identifies himself as a police officer and orders him to stop. Bell accelerates and brushes Isnora's lower leg , then soon after another unmarked policwe minivan rushes to the sceneand collides with Bell's altima . Detective Isnora thinks he sees Guzman reach for a gun underneath the seat , so he yells “gun” and the police officers fire...
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