Script: Land of Oz and Tin Woodman

Topics: Land of Oz, L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Pages: 4 (741 words) Published: March 3, 2013
A Visit to The Wizard of Oz -5 people play script
A Visit to The Wizard of Oz
by Wu Hsiu-yao
Wu Yu-chieh:         Child A, Scarecrow, and Vicky’s mother Huang Chi-ying:      Vicky
Yeh Chung-cheng:   The Tin Woodman
Chang Tun-wei:      The King of Oz and Park Keeper
Lai Kuan-ling:         Dorothy
——————————————————————————– SCENE I
(This is a park; there is a tree in the middle of the stage. There is a bush on the right hand side of the stage. Some children are on the stage. They look bored.) Child A:  
Vicky:         I have an idea. Let’s play hide-and-seek! (All the children agree.)
Children:     Paper, scissors, stone.  Paper, scissors, stone.  You lose!  You’re the ghost. Child A :
(Child A leans on the tree and begins to count.  All the children run away and exits except Vicky.) Vicky:       Where can I hide?  It maybe a good idea to hide in the bush.  (squats in the bush.) Child A:    

(All the children enter.)
Child A:    
(All the children exit.  The light becomes dark and then is turned on.  The big tree at this moment has already been replaced by the Emerald City.) Vicky:       Mm… Where’s everybody?  (looks around)  Where are they?  Where’s this place?

(The king of the kingdom enters.)
Vicky:       Excuse me.  Could you please tell me where this place is? King:        
Vicky:       The land of the Munchkins!  You mean I’m in L. Frank Baum’s book The Wizard of Oz? King:        
Vicky:       Are you sure?
Vicky:       Oh, no.  (to herself)  How do I go home?  (to the king)  Do you know how I can get out of here? King:        
Vicky:       The wizard of Oz?  Thanks.
(Vicky and the king of the Munchkins exit.  The light becomes dark.)

(Oz stands on the stage.  The light is turned on.)
(Oz exits.  The light becomes dark.  When the light is turned on, we can see the palace that the wizard of Oz lives in.)
Vicky:       Are you the greatest wizard of Oz that people say you are? Oz:...
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