Screen Printing and Heat Transfer

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While working in a screen printing shop, I have had to learn the differences between screen printing and heat transfers. At first, it was hard to figure out which one would be the best for our customers. When I finally got the hang of helping our customers in the front, it started to get easier. There are many things that should be considered when deciding on what method you should use.

If you need a job done in a hurry, your best option would be heat transfer. Heat transfers can typically be done in about two hours, depending on size, color and dimensions of the artwork. When the artwork is brought in with the order, it can cut the time down considerably. If time is not of any concern, then you may want to look into screen printing. The quality is considerably better than a heat transfer. Screen printing could take up to two weeks to get done with an order. There is also a minimum amount that has to be ordered to make it worth the money for the shop.

When you look at the options that you have with screen printing and heat transfer, you also have to look at the price of the service. When you order a heat transfer you can order one item at a time. Screen printing has a minimum order that has to be placed. Heat transfer can be more economical than screen printing when the quantity of the order is less than five. There are many steps that make screen printing too expensive to do in small amounts. You have to pay someone to do all the printing, another person to do all the computer work. Also, screen printing has many more steps than heat transfer, you have to have your screens ready with emulsion, you have to print out your artwork on multiple transparencies, you have to burn the screen and then set everything up to print the shirt. When you do a heat transfer you only have one salary to deal with.

Screen Printing and Heat Transfer 3

Lastly, when you are considering a job to be done, either in screen printing or heat transfer, you also have to...
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