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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Company Name : PAYTAK T-shirts Printing Owner : AMIR FAZRIN B. ADNAN Lecturer : Hj.Roslan Mohamed

Project Manager





To become known as the premier custom shirt sublimation service. Achieve profitability within 12 months. Design and implement strict financial controls to help ensure success.

To offer customers the best product at the best price Customer's expectations will always be exceeded

Our T-Shirt! is a custom T-shirt sublimation company that offering customers a choice of imagery to apply to the front or back of a shirt. Customers can choose from traditional cotton-blend shirts or all natural fiber cotton shirts Custom artwork or graphic options for sublimation

Exemplary customer service  High quality product

  

Advertising Youth events Student groups

Shop rental cost Monthly Rent: RM 1 000 STRATEGIC LOCATION Located in center Bandar Saujana Utama Faced Saujana Utama MALL, nearby houses, bank and school

Bil Item l 1 Two Apple Macbook 2 3 HP XX Laser Printer Two desk/chair/office supplies sets.

Price(RM) 5000.00 7200.00 1200.00

5 6 7

Broadband Internet connection.
Heat application unit x 3 (RM2400.00) Direct to Garment (DTG) printer x 4 (RM6000.00) Shop rental monthly Total

7200.00 24000.00 1 000 45738

COST PRICE  Cost of Blank T-shirt: RM12.00  A4 Size Sublimation Printing: RM1.50  Total Cost Price: RM13.50 SELLING PRICE  Suggested Market Selling Price: RM35.00RM80.00 PROFIT  Selling Price - Cost Price  RM35.00 - RM13.50

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