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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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In July 19 2009 Dr. Alan Hifler did a study on school uniforms and the effects they had on students. Uniforms have been common in public schools since 1994 and since then the dropout rate for schools that don’t have uniforms have increased. The requirement of school uniforms is a turnaround for students because students would benefit from this. Schools everywhere should bring them back. It is a great idea for schools to enforce a policy on schools because research shows that students can achieve success.

School uniforms help improve students behavior in class because they are more focused and feel like they belong. For example students who wear uniforms will have better self-esteem. As stated “uniforms do eliminate competition, pressure and assaults perpetrated by older kids on younger students for their sneakers and possessions. They also help some students focus better In class” (Daniels 1). If lesser students are being picked on because of their clothes more students will have a lot of confidence with their classes. With uniforms students will feel like they belong in class. Also it is proven that less students drop out of school. To illustrate “ a study was released by the Harvard school of education research found that the Long Beach school district ,among six districts in the nations, 34 largest cities dramatically reduced their dropout rate”(Thompson 16). Given this fact lesser students will drop out of school. Thus proving that uniforms help students feel welcome in school. Lastly uniforms prepare students to learn. As stated “poise and students are more well behave when they are being dressed for the occasion of learning “ (Pros vs. Cons) . Students are dressed for success. Even though some students don’t like the policy of uniforms they still are ready to be successful. Therefore not only do uniforms help improve students behavior in class but also reduce school violence. School uniforms reduce school violence because everybody wears the same...
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