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Name of Scholarship Scheme

AZAD BHAVAN, INDRAPRASTHA ESTATE, NEW DELHI-110002 Tel. : 0091-11-23370266, 23378215, 23370367, 23370226, 23379639, 23378969, 23379309, 23379310, 23378441, 23378638, 23378641, 23379384, 23379547, 23370229, 23370940 Fax : 0091-11-23378216, 23378783, 23378830, 23379509, 23370782 Website:

1) 2) Five complete sets of application forms are to be submitted to the Indian Mission. Candidate should clearly mention the course and University to which he/she is seeking admission. The applicants are advised to go through the “University Handbook” available with our Mission before giving these details. ICCR would not be able to entertain a subsequent change in course of study or University once admission of a scholar is confirmed and the scholar has arrived to join the course. 3) Certified copies of all documents should be accompanied with English translations. A syllabus of the last qualifying examination should be enclosed with the application.

NOTE : a) b) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Students applying for doctoral/post-doctoral courses or architecture should include a synopsis of the proposed area of research. Students wishing to study performing arts should, if possible, enclose Video/ audio cassettes of their recorded performances.

Candidates must have adequate knowledge of English and they have to pass English Proficiency Test conducted by Indian Mission. ICCR will not entertain applications which are sent to ICCR directly by the students or which are sent by local Embassies/High Commissions in New Delhi. Priority will be given to students who have never studied in India before. No application will be accepted for admission to courses in MBBS/MD or Dentistry/Nursing. Candidates may note that Indian universities/educational institutions are autonomous and independent and hence have their own eligibility criteria. For warding of applications is thus not a guarantee of admission. A scholarship is awarded only when admission is confirmed by ICCR. Student must carry a proper visa. Scholars for structured undergraduate and postgraduate course should car ry full term “Student Visa” while for Ph. D. student “Research Visas” for a specific period of 4-5 1 / 2 years is required. Students should ensure that they get the correct visa from the Indian Embassy/High Commission. Government of India guidelines stipulate that if a scholar arrives without proper visa and his/her actual admission at the University/Institute does not materialize, he/she will be deported to his/her country. In the case of students who require Research Visas, an additional application for the Research Visa has to be filled and submitted in five copies alongwith five photographs & synopsis. Applicants may note that clearance of Research Visa will take as long as six to eight months.


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INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES FOR FILLING THE APPLICATION FORM 1 2 3 tgka rd laHko gks] vkosnu i=k esa gLrk{kj ds vfrfjDr lHkh izfof"V;ka Vafdr gksa] ;k lqLi"V fy[kh tk,aA All entries except the signature in the application should, as far as possible, be typewritten or in block letters.

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Five copies of application properly tagged should be submitted

vkosnu i=k dh lHkh ikap izfr;ksa ds lkFk fuEufyf[kr izek.k layXu fd;s tkus pkfg,% All the five copies of the application should be accompanied by the following documents : (i) gky gh esa fy;k x;k ikliksVZ vkdkj dk iQksVks tks vkosnu dh frfFk ds ,d o"kZ ls igys dk u gks] vkosnu i=k esa

fu/kZfjr LFkku ij fpidk;k tk,A igpku ds fy, iQksVks ij uke fy[ksaA A recent passport size photograph (taken not earlier than a year before the date of the application) should be...
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