Role of Media in Pakistan

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  • Published : May 28, 2012
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University of Management and Technology

Center for English Language (CEL)

Course Outline: English I

|Week |Topics and Class Activities |Home Assignments | |1.1 |Assessment/Evaluation |First Graded Presentation due on(Week 5.1) | | |(based on English-I course) |Convince the concerned authority of international university to grant you admission. You can describe | | | |any event of your life, achievement; skills etc. that makes you stand out from the rest of the | | | |applicants. | |1.2 |Introduction & Ice breaker (completion of story with sentence starters) |Read more at Suite101: Story Starters for Creative Writing Exercises: One-Line Writing Prompts for | | |Divide the class into three groups of (eight) each and give them a sentence starter. After |Group or Individual Writing Practice | | |completion of the story one member from each group will present it, leading to mutual discussion | | | |and peer critique....
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