Science Study Notes: Fluids

Topics: Fluid dynamics, Viscosity, Fluid Pages: 4 (667 words) Published: April 10, 2013
7.3 Flow Rate and Viscosity (pg 153)

Q1.If the flow rate in a pipe is 2 L/s, what does that tell you about how fast the water is moving.

A1.It tells me that the water is moving fast through the pipe at 2 litres per second. If there were 60 seconds you would have 120 litres.

Q2.When you tip a bottle of syrup upside down, it takes a longtime for all the syrup to pour out. Explain this using the terms “viscosity,” “cohesion,” and “adhesion.”

A2.Syrup takes a long time to empty because viscosity is high and the cohesion is low.

Q3.Think back to the key question. List two different fluids. How are their flow rates different?

A3.Water and syrup flow rates are different because water has a high viscosity and syrup has a low viscosity rate.

7.3 Comparing Fluids (pg 157)

Answer the questions below

Q1.Andre and Kim have two fluids. Andre’s fluid flows much more easily than kim’s fluid..

(a) Which fluid has a faster flow rate?Andre’s

(b)which fluid is more viscous?Kim’s

Q2.Identify if each is an example of adhesion or cohesion. Tell how you know.

Q2. (a)After Paco washes the dishes, his hands are still wet.

A2. (a)This is ahesison because the water sticks to what was touching it, not itself.

Q2. (b)Ava tries to pour half of the egg white out of the shell, but it all pours out in one glob.

A2. (b)This is cohesion because the particles stick together instead of spreading.

Q2. (c)A paper clip floats on a surface of a cup of water.

A2. (c)Cohesion because the water sticks together enough so that the paper clip can float.

Q2. (d)My brother has yogurt stuck in his hair!

A2. (d)Adhesion because it sticks to a surface it has touched.

7.6 Controlling Fluid Flow (pg 161)

Q1.What is Fluid Mechanics?

A1. Fluid Mechanics is the study of fluids and how they behave when at rest and moving.

Q2.Describe how fluid dynamics, hydrodynamics, and aerodynamics are...
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