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Topics: Science fiction, Time, Transformers Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: November 25, 2010
This is a speech about science fiction. Today I will be talking about two science fiction texts, Avatar and Transformers. I will also be talking about the science fiction genre and what it is. Science Fiction

Science fiction is made up of real life science technology, mixed with the world of fiction and make believe. By doing this I feel it brings more excitement to the novel or movie, making it easier to read, or watch, and relate to. We all love the world of make believe, as this allows us to believe we can be or do anything we wish even though we know it is not physically possible in the real world, this making for a more thrilling and exciting story, as opposed to when we have a science documentary which, yes, are very factual and interesting but have no thrilling highs and lows. I believe in some cases of science fiction novels or movies the author truly feels that the technology they have written about and could really end up actually happening in the near or later future. My first example of science fiction is one of my favourites, Transformers

This story starts when a young teenager named Sam purchases a car that turns out to be an Autobot called Bumblebee, which he regards as evil at first. When Bumblebee (in car mode) returns the following day, Sam flees, believing the car is stalking him. Then the war begins between the Autobots and the Decepticons, as they battle for the Universe. The movie was set in the near future. The characters weakness is that he is fighting robots. In the end the humans win as they have a good team of robots on their side (the Autobots).The Decepticons lose the fight due to a bit of luck on the Autobots side and humans’ quick reflex action to his instincts. My second science fiction favourite is

This story begins where scientists use Military-human hybrid bodies called Avatars that are operated via mental link by genetically matched humans. Jake Sully, paraplegic former Marine, replaces his twin...
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