Science Fair 2011-12

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The Illinois Junior Academy of Science

CATEGORY Environmental Science STATE REGION # ________6________ SCHOOL Adlai E. Stevenson High SchoolIJAS SCHOOL # ___6092__________ CITY/ZIP Long Grove, 60047SCHOOL PHONE _(847) 415-4000_____ SPONSOR Mrs. Palffy




NAME OF EXHIBITOR______________________GRADE ___________
* If this project is awarded a monetary prize, the check will be written in this exhibitor’s name, and it will be his/her responsibility to distribute the prize money
equally among all participating exhibitors.

PROJECT TITLE The Effect of Dirtiness on Solar Panel Output__ Purpose:
The purpose was to find out how much four years’ worth of grime will affect solar panel output Procedure:
1. Begin recording output from inverter for dirty solar panels 6 minutes and 35 seconds before apex of sun; record output every 5 seconds until 20 measurements have been recorded. Determine 5-second intervals by looking at stopwatch. 2. Use cleaning cloth and bucket of warm water to clean solar panels completely, taking 10 minutes. Wait for apex to pass. 3. Begin recording output from inverter for clean solar panels 5 minutes after apex; record output every 5 seconds until 20 measurements have been recorded. Conclusion: As shown in the experiment, the cleaning of the solar panels did result in an increase in output. Therefore, the hypothesis was proven correct. After cleaning, the output of the solar panels increases an average of 3 watts every 5 seconds.


The Illinois Junior Academy of Science

DIRECTIONS: The student is asked to read this introduction carefully, fill out the bottom of this sheet, and sign it. The science teacher and/or advisor must sign in the indicated space.

SAFETY AND THE STUDENT: Experimentation or research may involve an element of risk or injury to the student, test subjects and to others. Recognition of such hazards and provision for adequate control measures are joint responsibilities of the student and the sponsor. Some of the more common risks encountered in research are those of electrical shock, infection from pathogenic organisms, uncontrolled reactions of incompatible chemicals, eye injury from materials or procedures, and fire in apparatus or work area. Countering these hazards and others with suitable controls is an integral part of good scientific research.

In the box below, list the principal hazards associated with your project, if any, and what specific precautions you have used as safeguards. Be sure to read the entire section in the Policy and Procedure Manual of the Illinois Junior Academy of Science entitled "SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR EXPERIMENTATION" before completing this form.

There was no risk involved in this experiment. The experimenter was at least 60cm away from the electrical wire, which was insulated with rubber, at all times. There was an adult in the room to make sure all safety precautions were being followed.

SIGNED_____________________________________________________________ Student Exhibitor(s)

SIGNED_____________________________________________________________ Sponsor*

*As a sponsor, I assume all responsibilities related to this project.

This Sheet Must Be Typed

This form MUST be displayed on the front of the exhibitor’s display board. It may be reduced to half a sheet of paper.

The Effect of Dirtiness on Solar Panel Output


Han Song Huang

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AbstractPg. 1
SafetyPg. 2
Title PagePg. 3
AcknowledgementsPg. 5
Purpose and Hypothesis Pg. 6
Review of LiteraturePgs. 7-12
Materials and ConstantsPg. 13
Procedure Pg. 14
ResultsPgs. 15-17...
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