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Topics: Plastic, Oxygen, Food preservation Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Background Research

I’m doing my science project on which food wrapping will prevent freezer burn the best aluminum foil, plastic bags, or freezer paper. This experiment seemed interesting to me because a lot of people get freezer burn on their foods. My mother also gets freezer burn on her foods a lot and she always tries different food wrappings but none of them seem to work. This project will benefit people from getting freezer burn on their food, and so they will know which wrapping is the worse to use and the one that is less preventable.

Did you know that “freezer burn” means that when thousands of water molecules form ice crystals they prefer the most hospitable place which is the coldest place in your freezer. Then the molecules migrate mostly the side of your freezer the loss of the water molecules makes the food become dehydrated. Freezer burn affects your food like makes it mushy, have a different texture, affects the color, and the taste.

Why does freezer burn happen, most likely because your food is not tightly wrapped or not covered enough causing the water molecules to escape. Also, your food should not be in the freezer to long there is a limit on how long the items are to be in the freezer. After a while the water molecules will find their way out of the frozen food. If the temperature is above 0 degrees F your food will get freezer burn because the temperature is to warm. When water molecules escape from your food oxygen molecules can change the color and the flavor of your food. Food that has freezer burn is safe to eat but some of it tastes strange and stale.

Aluminum foil is very useful to mankind for wrapping something, keeping something warm, and for keeping things cold. Aluminum foil is mad by repeated thinning of a large block of aluminum. Then they begin melting the aluminum in gas furnace which takes 3-8 hours. After is has been melted they run it through a moveable machine to mix it around....
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