Sci 245 Geologic Time Worksheet

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Geologic Time Worksheet

Use the following table to compare ways of evaluating geologic time. Your description, similarities, and differences must each be at least 50 words.

|Time Evaluation Method |Description |Advantages of this Method |Disadvantages of this Method | |Relative dating |Is a dating method by comparing |Quick and easy, uses current |No as accurate and can have | | |layers of strata to know species|data known about fossils in that|dating known fossils | | |of fossils know to be in that |strata layer. | | | |layer? | | | |Absolute dating |Is a form of dating that uses a |Absolute certainty of fossils |Not one hundred percent accurate| | |fossils carbon break down to |age. What time period that | | | |know how old the fossil is. |fossil came from. | |

In the following space, explain the role of fossils in developing the Geologic column. Your explanation must be between 200 and 300 words.

Fossils are the remains of animals, plants and insects that lived millions to hundreds of thousands of years ago. When an animal in that time period died its bones were left on the ground. Over thousands of years organic matter or soil covered those bones. As the bones get covered the minerals in the soil replace the composition of the bones in to something else. Over The ages heat and pressure from the above layers turn those minerals in to stone. The animal’s bones are now stone but still are in the shape of the original bones therefore producing a fossil....
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