Bones, Stones , and Human Evolution

Topics: Fossil, Geology, Evolution Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: December 17, 2012
There have been so many things discussed throughout these couple of months, everything from fossils, to Neanderthals, to evolution. From the beginning of evolution, our very start, our closest relative a chimpanzee, and modern man. We have gone through this journey and I have witnessed what the past looked like and made me appreciate my present. There are some incredibly specific items that need to be present in order for fossils to be procured, and they are only found in water, caves, or volcanoes. There is also a geological an scale, there needs to be dating, relative and absolute, by finding this fossils you now possess a better view of the times and are able to reconstruct ancient environments, which include climate and habitat reconstruction. Water needs to be present including sand, generally these are found around or in a lake, then there are caves, and volcanoes are an area because of the ash are the conditions and places for fossilization.

Fossils which are any and all traces of a past life and fossil records are fossilized remains of organisms that lived in the past, and the people that look and study these remains of a past world are paleontologist, they are men and women who study extinct organisms based on their fossilized remains.

The ways that fossils come to be are in a certain order, from death to deposition to fossilization then recovery. Then for individual fossils there is death, decomposition/consumption, and weathering. Then there is stratigraphy, which is the study of rock layers and the sequence of events they reflect. The greatest achievement and jump in evolutions was mans bipedality, suddenly we were faster, taller, able to bring and eat food for efficiently, it was a marvel. We were mobile, energy efficient, we could migrate and avoid the incredibly harsh weather, it also allowed for bigger brains, which improved out intelligence. Tools were also a great help to Neanderthal men, it made life easier and able to compete with the...
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