School Uniforms

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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Over the last few decades, the argument for whether school uniforms should be implemented or not has been debated quite a lot. Uniforms should be implemented in schools across the country to provide safety, to help students perform better in school, and to decrease bullying. The question may run through your head: "How do uniforms provide safety?" School uniforms make it more difficult for unwelcome outsiders to infiltrate the school grounds. Also, if a student is involved in a gang, uniforms prevent them from expressing gang colors. In addition, there may be a decrease in violence and theft because of clothing and shoes. Many people believe students who wear uniforms perform better academically in school. Students are often so focused on their wardrobe and fashion sense that it distracts them from learning. It makes sense that if uniforms do become mandatory, it will remove this distraction, and improve student attention. It is believed that uniforms will set a more serious tone within the school environment. In addition, uniforms may lead to better attendance. Students spend a great deal of time in the morning picking out what to wear, and uniforms will prevent this from happening. Clothing and fashion are often at the root of many social problems that lead to student bullying. Children invariably tease others who don’t have trendy clothes. Those who can’t afford name brands are often sensitive about clothing. Without the pressure of competing with different styles, students are more relaxed in school. School uniforms remove these factors from the social environment within the school, thus relieving students from the pressure to fit in. Uniforms in public schools are becoming accepted throughout the world. The public school systems would benefit significantly if this policy were to be accepted. Wearing uniforms in school would result in positive effects. Those positive effects include, providing safety, students performing better in school, and the decrease in...
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