School: Mobile Phone and Cell Phone Usage

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Have you ever wondered why certain rules have been chosen in schools country-wide? Parents and students have questioned the school board, & school authority/administration on the choices made. Why so strict? Who could possibly abide by these instructions? Adults claim we are being let off to easy & privileges are getting out of control. In the past there wasn’t much technology, fashion was very different & schools were even smaller. So why blame us? Put yourself in our shoes; I doubt that one would have the same viewpoint now then before on the debate of school policies.

One familiar debate is on school dress code. Dress codes are going to the extreme. Students are being penalized for clothing that is not frowned up in the normal outside persons view. Even teachers are becoming Hippocrates. They bend the dress code by wearing tank tops, tight clothes, and even hats. Administrations expect us to dress in formal attire, but haven’t come to a conclusion of uniforms in all public schools. Hillsborough County has taken it so far, students are not even permitted to show their shoulders. Students and administration need to compromise on finding a common ground on school attire. If teachers do not have to follow dress code, then why should we? As a student, if our parents allow us to come to school dressed in a certain way, we should be able to stay in our clothing. It’s all causing a distraction, when we have other problems to worry about. For example, cell phone usage.

Cell phones should be allowed to be used in schools, but put on vibrate in classes. What if there is an emergency? A parent’s first instinct is to call their child not the school. Parents were informed with the cell phone policy, but aren’t many children sent to school with their phone? It’s causing more of a distraction not able to use them because students are anxious to check them during class. Even if one forbids cell phone usage, it doesn’t prevent the problem... it only makes...
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