School Discipline

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The word discipline is quite common and well known in terms of its daily use in our life. Any system or organization whether it is social, political or education is evaluated quite often in terms of its discipline. In the similar way when we try to evaluate a person, society or nation in terms of its goodness or badness, then also most often the criterion of such evaluation is nothing but the discipline. Schools are termed as good and bad, on the basis of the discipline or in disciplined prevailed in their classes and campuses.


Etymologically the word discipline has been derived from the word of the same language ‘disciple meaning one who follows his teacher or Guru. this English word ‘disciple’ itself has its derivation from the Latin word ‘disciple’ itself has its derivation from the lain word ‘disciples’ which means to learn or to obey. A pupil is thus known to be a learner and obedient by nature. He learns from his teacher by obeying him and observing the rules and regulations of the Ashrams or Institutions where he is taught by his teacher. There are various definitions as like below given.

According to James Ross,” Discipline is much the wider notion and it ought always to refer to the effect of the school on the pupil’s character. It is concerned not merely with outward behavior, but with the inner motives of conduct”.

John Dewey,” A person who is trained to consider his actions to undertake them deliberately is in so far disciplined.”


Discipline can be categorized into two certain distinct kinds or types depending upon the ways---

External Discipline:-
This type ofdiscipline is thirsted and forced upon the child from the external agencies like, Parents, elders,teachers and school authorities through the external means like fear or threat of punishment or attraction of getting some reward and recognition. For example, the child obeys the rules and regulations,there is order and system in the working of the machinery of the home and authority of those who matters in establishing discipline etc.This type of discipline like imposed in the communist Russia may result into its disintegration causing great haarm to the individuals and the organization.

Internal Discipline:-
This type of discipline is imposed by the child on his self thorugh his won will.It is regulated by the child himself by excercising self restrain over his action and behaviour. 1) Subminnting to the rules and regui;ations by considering them appropriate for the welfare of his own and the system and 2) Channelising and utilizing his potential and energy for fulfilling his responsibliites and providing constructive and creative poutput.Such type of discipline is thus self initiated,self regulated and self maintained like a proper and systematic working of a particular part ,organ or constituent of a well functioning automatic machinery.

Repressionistic Discipline:This type of discipline as the name suggests is carried out through the adoption of repressive measures-external pressures,strict control and heavy hands.It runs on the pro nciple of making the child so much fearful that he or she could not dare or disobey or engage in breaking any law, rules and regul;ation.A child ehrn he dares to disobey or break a law is dealt with so much force iron hard under this type of discipline that he seldom dares to represent it again.They begin to believe the philosophy of ‘spare’ the rod and spoil the child and accordingly adopt the use of the stick or corporal punishment as the way of keeping their children under control.

D) Impressionistic Discipline: Such tupe of discipline believes in imprinting appropriate impressions in the minds of the children for getting them disciplined.Accordingly it demands from the parents,teachers and other discipline enforcing agencies to...
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