School Certificate 2010

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2010 School Certificate Test

General Instructions
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Total marks – 90

Reading time: 10 minutes Working time: 2 hours Write using black or blue pen Attempt ALL questions Do NOT write in pencil Refer to the Stimulus Booklet provided and use it where required throughout the test Write your Centre Number and Student Number at the top of pages 13, 15 and 17

Section 1 — Reading/Viewing
Pages 2–14 60 marks Allow about 1 hour and 20 minutes for this section Questions 1–45 Questions 46–50 45 marks 15 marks

Section 2 — Writing
Pages 15–19 30 marks Allow about 40 minutes for this section This section has TWO questions Question 51 10 marks 20 marks Question 52


Section 1 — Reading/Viewing
60 marks Allow about 1 hour and 20 minutes for this section Questions 1–45 Questions 46–50 45 marks 15 marks

Use the Section 1 Answer Sheet for Questions 1–45 Instructions for answering multiple-choice questions ■

Select the alternative A, B, C or D that best answers the question. Fill in the response oval completely. Sample: 2+4= (A) 2 A (B) 6 B (C) 8 C (D) 9 D

If you think you have made a mistake, put a cross through the incorrect answer and fill in the new answer. A B C D

If you change your mind and have crossed out what you consider to be the correct answer, then indicate the correct answer by writing the word correct and drawing an arrow as follows.



Text 1 — Letter to the Editor Read Text 1 in the Stimulus Booklet to answer Questions 1–10. 1 How does Carolyn Bradbury remember her childhood in lines 3–4? (A) Indifferently (B) Regretfully

(C) Vaguely (D) Warmly 2 What contrast is presented between Carolyn Bradbury’s childhood and that of young people today? (A) Active versus unmotivated (B) Curious versus happy

(C) Intelligent versus disinterested (D) Risky versus unhealthy 3 In lines 6–9, what is the main idea suggested about technology? (A) It is exotic. (B) It is enticing.

(C) It is economical. (D) It is exaggerated. 4 What language feature is used in ‘listless, lethargic lounge lizards’? (line 11) (A) Allegory (B) Alliteration

(C) Rhetoric (D) Rhyme 5 What is the meaning of ‘buoyant’ as used in line 12? (A) Enthusiastic (B) Honest

(C) Lazy (D) Talkative –3–


Which of the following is an example of jargon? (A) HD LCD (B) Diabetes

(C) Dear Editor (D) Miles Crossing


What is Carolyn Bradbury attempting to argue in lines 13–15? (A) Ball games unify communities. (B) Teenagers should wash the family car.

(C) The simple benefits of outdoor activities (D) The financial advantages of organic gardening


Which of the following is an example of imperative language? (A) ‘Diabetes, obesity and other health issues are on the rise . . .’ (line 9) (B) ‘Surely the answer is this simple!’ (line 11)

(C) ‘What’s wrong with good old fashioned gardening . . .’ (line 13) (D) ‘Get up! Get out! Get moving!’ (line 16)


What is Carolyn Bradbury’s main purpose in writing this letter? (A) To show how the past was inferior (B) To praise young people for their initiative

(C) To provide information about health issues (D) To encourage young people to lead an active lifestyle


Why does Carolyn Bradbury use capital letters in ‘STROLLING’ and ‘SCROLLING’? (line 17) (A) To emphasise the need to take action (B) To show that the two words rhyme

(C) To show the impact of technology (D) To emphasise her anger


Text 2 — Magazine Article Read Text 2 in the Stimulus Booklet to answer Questions 11–19. 11 Why has the writer given the article the title ‘Yours truly’? (A) It is short and eye-catching. (B) It indicates that this text is a letter.

(C) It is a convention of formal letter writing. (D) It creates a personal connection with the reader. 12 What is the purpose of lines 1 and 2? (A) To give an example of a letter (B) To provide a summary of the ideas

(C) To demonstrate the effectiveness of...
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