Topics: Cold War, Consciousness, World War II Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Part I: Essays (Choose 2 of 3 for 50 points--25 points per essay). 1. Discuss the causes, main events, and effects of the First World War. 2. Discuss the causes, main events, and effects of the Second World War. 3. Discuss the causes, main events, and effects of the Cold War. Part II: Short Answer (Choose 4 of 7 for 40 points--10 points per short answer) 1. Discuss the interplay between European imperialism, militant nationalism, and mass politics in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 2. Discuss the interplay between industry, social order, and nation building. 3. Compare and contrast Italian and German unification.

4. Discuss the role of ideology and the importance of key documents during the early Cold War. 5. How would you explain the genocides and proliferation of nuclear weapons in the twentieth century?  6. Discuss globalization: how the world has gone from 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 (the three great eras of globalization according to Thomas Friedman) and how this differs from the Cold War system.  7. In what key ways did the revolution in technology impact the twentieth century? Part III: Film: Atomic Café or Ghosts of Rwanda (Choose 1 of 2 for 10 points): 1. Discuss the development of nuclear weapons and Cold War culture in Atomic Café. 2. Discuss the Rwandan genocide and the involvement of different nations and individuals. Remember: Coverage counts. Be as specific and detailed in your answers as possible. Be sure to spend time on each part of the examination in proportion to its point value. If you are going to use sources, whether text, internet, or other, be sure to cite if you quote or paraphrase. I'm looking for your thoughts, ideas, and arguments based on readings, class notes, and powerpoints. You have 4-5 hours to take the test and then submit the test on Blackboard through safe assign. Good luck !

Select one of the following three topics associated with Chapters 4 and 9 of the text. Complete a 5-8 page draft paper for the option that...
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