School Bullying in Vietnam

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One of the most serious educational issues which are concerned by public in recent years is school violence. Bullying is a typical type of that.It is not a new problem in the world today, especially in Vietnam this matter has long become a national serious issue, a burden for all the teachers and administrators across the country. According to the Dantri Internet, by the year 2011, phenomenon “school violence” became a hot issue in society (Nguyen 2011). In fact, there are so many recurring causes leading to eruption of school bullying. As a consequence, It brings many nagetive effects to chidren, not only child who is bullied but also bullies. However, it is not easy for school and society to evaluate and find out effective solutions (Nguyen 2011). Therefore, this paper, with the purpose of helping understand clearly about the risk of this problem, discuss the questions of how school violence situation in recent years is, why so many of them engage in bullying ,what effects of school bullying on student are and what steps authorities have taken so far to solve this grave matter.

2.Discussion of findings

2.1.The situation of school violence in Vietnam in recent years

It seems that school violence in Vietnam has being broken out in the 2010s. As stated in Vietnamnet (2011) these days it’s common to hear about violence in school and find videos on the internet of students fighting each other. If one types “school violence” in Vietnamese on Google, the search tool comes up with more than 18,100,000 links connecting to stories about Viet Nam’s school violence. If one types “female student fights” on YouTube, numerous hits link to violent clips of female students fighting. Early in the 2011-12 academic year, the Ministry of Education and Training released a report saying that more than 1,620 cases of fights between students had been discovered nationwide in the 2010-11 school year (Vietnamnet 2011). Also, the situation “school violence” was suddenly exploding with a dangerous and serious level that needs to be acknowledged as a social evil which have to be gainst (Viet 2010). (2009) evaluated that “school violence in Vietnam was getting more complicated and dangerous, campus violence is now more diverse than ever”. According to a research of Vietnamnet on violent behavior in schoolgirls showed that 64 percent of 200 surveyed student between 15-18 years old had been involved in fights (2009). Although schools applied several measures to stop school violence (students, who got involved in the fights, were forced to stay out of school for certain periods), the measures prove to be in vain (Hien 2010). Nguyen Minh Duc, an 11th grader at the To Hien Thanh Private High School in Ha Noi, said that there were fights at school and in his classes almost every day (Vietnamnet 2011).

2.2. Reasons why students bully

Even though students know that bullying is wrong, many fightings are still happening in our daily lives. There must be some underlying causes to explain this situation.

Student are considered as an active and fluctuating age, so they often have many nonsensical reasons to fight, found several recurring causes for the fights, including revenge for romantic disputes, hate for each other, and even no reason at all. According to a mini survey of VNN (2011) when asked why students fight each other, 14 polled students said it was because they were outraged by friends. Meanwhile, four students said that it was because of jealousy. An important finding of the survey is that many students fought each other just because they disliked friends when looking into the friend’s face, or they felt the friend’s clothes were “terrible”. In some other cases, students fought because they wanted to stand up for their closes friends and defend the friends from the attacks from others. Especially, this survey has found three cases, where students fought classmates just...
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