School Based Management of Fortune High School, Marikina City, Philippines

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Santan St., Fortune, Marikina City




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Mrs. Michelle I. Podadera

As mandated by Republic Act 9155 or Governance of Basic Act of 2001, the School-Based Management Program of the Department of Education aims to create timely and appropriate programs and projects necessary to maintain and further improve educational achievements of our clienteles in academic and non-academic endeavors. This legitimately place their trust and confidence to school administrators, faculty teachers and personnels, to continue with their partnership with key stakeholders of the community to which the academe serves. This includes the parents, local government units, government and non-government organizations, whose aims are also for the modification and enhancement of the school in order to better serve their purpose of providing quality and global education to our beloved students.

Following this rationale, the English Department as a whole provides various programs and projects that will pave the way for English Fluency and Adaptability. We have been strictly subsequent with the time table indicated in our School Improvement Plan for the existing school years.


To serve as a salient training ground for students to develop the Major Skills in English (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing), therefore being an avenue for Language Learning and Acquisition.


To be mandated as a supreme learning institution that generates significant programs and projects in providing our students notional and functional ESL Activities, thus, preparing them to become globally competitive individuals within their own chosen fields of endeavor.


• To inculcate the importance of Form (Syntax), Meaning (Semantics) and Use (Pragmatics) in the English Language, • To broaden the students’ literary interpretation and appreciation, and • To innovate real-life communicational activities in the classroom that prepares our students for global competitiveness.


The Fortune High School English Department Logo illustrates our mission, vision and objectives as ESL Teachers. The torch symbolizes our crucial role as facilitators in the classroom trying to bring light to our students’ path towards the major skills in English. To wit: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. All these contribute to our goal of Communicative Competence or Language Fluency. The globe symbolizes the dominance of the English Language as “Lingua Franca”, therefore enunciating its necessity as a global partner to understand different races of people across the globe. The nature background of trees, birds and rainbow symbolize our endeavor for “Language Acquisition”, that is, placing vitality in creating the academe a Speech and Communication Laboratory to further train students in real-life situations and functional literacy. The heart with angel’s wings symbolizes our passion to teach the rules and touch the hearts of our beloved ESL Learners, through communicative learning activities and various literary genres in general.


Fortune High School English Teachers also aim to develop the basic and important skills in English Language Learning such as Reading Comprehension and Reading Proficiency. Thus, we have been working hand in hand to train our students in order to make them fully equipped with the knowledge and skills in Reading. We further want our students, especially already being in the Secondary Level, be aligned with the Reading Level of Learners appropriately match with their age and intelligence levels.

We have scrutinized our students to identify those who have Reading problems in different areas and levels. Thus,...
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