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Copyright © 2009 by the U.S. Green Building Council, Inc.
The U.S. Green Building Council, Inc.® (USGBC®) devoted significant time and resources to create this document, Green Existing Schools Project Management Guide (the “Guide”).
The Guide is protected by statutory copyright and trademark protection within the United States and abroad. Your possession of the Guide constitutes ownership of a material object and in no way constitutes a conveyance of ownership or entitlement to the copyrighted materials contained herein. As a result, you are prohibited by law from engaging in conduct that would constitute infringement upon the exclusive rights retained by USGBC. The following represents a list of examples of conduct that may constitute infringement; this list is meant to be illustrative and shall not be interpreted as an implicit grant of any rights or permissions by USGBC not specifically mentioned or retained herein:

(1) The reproduction or copying of this copyrighted work in whole or in part, (2) The preparation of derivative works based upon this copyrighted work, (3) The display or distribution of this copyrighted work in any way for any public or commercial purposes, including display on a Web site or in a networked environment.

USGBC owns several proprietary trademarks, certification marks, and associated acronyms, logos and other graphic images represented herein, including but not limited to the “LEED®” trademark, the “USGBC®” trademark, the “LEED Green Building Rating System™” trademark, and the LEED® Certified certification mark, (collectively “Logos”). These Logos constitute valuable intellectual property wholly owned and exclusively held by USGBC.

LiCense to Copy and distribute
USGBC hereby grants you a limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce the Guide, in whole or in part, and to distribute such reproductions for the purposes of facilitating the incorporation of sustainable building construction and or maintenance practices within existing school facilities. Specifically, this license allows you to reproduce and use of all checklists and templates contained herein for the aforementioned purposes. As an express condition to the grant of this license, at all times you shall: i) represent that USGBC is the source and owner of this document and all content herein; 2) retain the copyright, and any other proprietary notices contained herein, within all reproductions of this copyrighted material; and 3) restate the terms, conditions, and limitations of this license within all reproductions of this copyrighted material. This license is limited in scope. All rights, title and interest in the Guide, including without limitation any copyright or trademark shall be retained by USGBC. This license shall not be construed to grant you the right or permission to sell, modify, prepare derivative works based on the Guide, or incorporate the Guide in whole or part into other works. Conduct not expressly permitted herein is beyond the scope of this license and shall be treated as an infringement on the intellectual property rights retained by USGBC. Nothing stated herein shall limit the rights of USGBC to seek injunctive relief and or statutory or real damages against any act of infringement.

The Guide provides general information designed to help readers familiarize themselves with some of the issues surrounding the introduction of sustainable building construction and maintenance practices within existing school facilities. None of the parties involved in the creation of the Guide assume any liability or responsibility to the reader or any third parties for the accuracy, completeness, or use of or reliance on any information contained therein, or for any injuries, losses, or damages (including, without limitation, equitable relief) arising from such use or reliance.

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