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If the government decided to conduct an experiment on the American people, and all form's of computerized technology was banned the world would probably end up going crazy. The reason why I say this is because there will be no way for people to call the police or use GPS and even more. People also would not be able to pay bills online. People who do not have a car paying bills online would be easier to them. If I was to have a family in a different country and if they were to get hurt, I would not know because I can't use a phone. The world would be very chaotic if there was no technology. I don't think any one can live in a world with out no computer based technology. There will be more deaths "and" people will become sick. Your probably wondering why I said people will get sick. 'Well' the reason why I said this is because some medicine is made on computer based technology and the process to make medicine sometime is sent on computers. All the people who use computer based technology would lose their "jobs." If the government actually really decide to do this experiment there will be very few jobs and people would become unemployed and poor. The government would also lose some of their job's because their job's use's computer based technology too. This will also affect kids learning education and ability. What I mean by that is that some students are homed schooled and their school is on a computer, laptop or any computer based technology. If this was banned students and children will not have a good education. Without an education you can't make it any where in life. Banning computer based technology may cause people to go on strike and even start riots. This will not put me but every one in danger. Riots can put everyone in danger including baby's and can cause a lot of deaths. It would be just a shame to see a baby who hasn't even had a chance to live life the right way to become deceased. The government would become responsible for a lot of deaths. Most...
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