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Topics: Higher education, Academia, Life Pages: 3 (1153 words) Published: June 20, 2011
Name : Harini chilka.
Course applied for :MSC physiotherapy.

Education is the most valuable and precious thing in life. It is also the one thing you can assure that nobody can take away from you. There are always many reasons for taking certain decisions in our life. In my case its life experience which proved to be my turning point for building up a career for better future. My grandfather was suffering from hemiplegia. I had grown up seeing the plight of his suffering with the ailment. Those difficult days of him still hangs around in my eyes. This particular incident made me sit and think.

“Give us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for- because unless we stand for something we shall fall for anything” Peter Marshall knew the importance of having a vision and belief when he quoted the above. It is very necessary for each one of us to have an aim, or a purpose in life. Once that is done our journey to our destination becomes much easier; because what the mind believes the heart follows. It is said that having a vision is 80% of your job done. The remaining 20% comprises hard work and skill. What makes me stand out from the hundred others armed with such skills is a concrete belief in myself, and the courage of my convictions. I have been motivated throughout my life by the example set to me by my father and my Uncles who are all self made men. They have taught me that circumstances can be won over and we are what we make of ourselves.

During school years, I took a very serious attitude towards study. I have proven that I am a good worker by putting my effort into everything I do and excel in my everyday life. I've truly blossomed through whatever challenges came my way . It was during the final phase of my schooling, that I got a ladder to reach my destiny-THE WORLD OF PHYSIOTHERAPY.

Physiotherapy is a vast field of study with a plethora of...
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