Scheme of Work for Further Education

Topics: Choreography, Assessment, Learning Pages: 4 (835 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Scheme of Work

Please use these guidance notes as a checklist against your scheme(s) to ensure they are sufficiently detailed and specific.|

1.In the overview, have I adequately described the: ?location and resources being used? ?arrangements for individual and group tutorials? ?assessment arrangements, eg Awarding body, methods,frequency and timing of assessments? ?ways in which the themes of Every Learner Matters are addressed?2.Have I clearly identified and well-planned induction session(s)?3.Have I broken down the topics into intended learning outcomes?4.Have I specified the assessment method and detailed the title/assignment/activity being used to assess? Have I identified possible assessment alternatives (differentiation)?5.Have I identified any specialist resources needed?6.Could anyone follow my scheme – even a non-specialist?7.Does it match the academic year for which it is intended in terms of lengths and dates?8.Have I planned for the inclusion of skills teaching – study skills and underpinning skills – and is this clear?|9.In the planning of learning activities, have I considered whether they will actively promote equality and diversity?10.Have I worked with colleagues’ teaching the same skills and topics to share and standardise topics and is this evident from the schemes of work?11.Do my assessment activities describe what I am doing and when? (Tip.- the word ‘assessment’ and date is not enough)12.Am I formally assessing frequently enough? (Tip - 5/6 formative and summative-recorded assessments in a whole year is not enough!) 13.Have I identified time for exam technique or final assignment/project skills?14.Have I planned and detailed revision and/or research work, particularly providing time for revision of ‘early’ topics and/ or year one topics?15.Final question; does my scheme of work provide unequivocal evidence that my course is well planned to meet the assessment objectives?| Scheme of Work

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